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of the mighty narwhals

      In 2009, Division 42 East was formed and Nathan Schlaffer was our very first lieutenant governor after Division 42 Fireflies split into East and West. Ever since the split, we have proudly represented ourselves with the narwhal as our divisional mascot. 
     There are 9 schools in Division 42 East including Agoura, Moorpark, Newbury Park, Oak Park, Royal, Santa Susana, Simi Valley, Thousand Oaks, and Westlake. They are all located in the Ventura County area. 
      As a division, we have dedicated several thousands of hours towards community service, as well as showing our spirit in teal and purple! Mighty narwhals swimming in service! 




2017-2018 - Mehul Chowdrapu (SSHS)

2016-2017 - Justin Kawaguchi (NPHS)

2015-2016 - Kevin Nguyen (MHS)

2014-2015 - Joseph Ko (SSHS)

2013-2014 - Paolo Recto (SSHS)

2012-2013 - Kristine Rafanan (SVHS)

2011-2012 - Kyle de la Cena (SVHS)

2010-2011 - Ruchi Vig (SVHS)

2009-2010 - Nathan Schlaffer (RHS)


We are Region 10!

     Division 42 East is a part of Region 10, along with 3 other divisions. The other divisions and their respective lieutenant governors are Roselyn Romero from Division 42 West, Natalie Tayahua from Division 29 Griffins, and Kavindra Nichols-Blount from Division 24 Zebras. We may not be close to each other as a region, but an opportunity to see key clubbers from Region 10 is at RTC!


a service-loving family

     Division 42 East is a part of the Cali-Nev-Ha District, which stands for California-Nevada-Hawaii. A connection of 3 states that consists of 45,000 members, 77 divisions, and 18 regions! You can meet key clubbers all over the district through Fall Rally and DCON, so take advantage of these opportunities to meet key-ute and amazing key clubbers who are passionate about service like you!  


serving all around the world!

       Key Club International is the largest and oldest student-led organization for high school students. Through acts of community service, we also uphold the 4 core values: caring, character building, inclusiveness, and leadership. Students become leaders who make an impact on their home, schools, and communities. Key club isn't only in the United States, but it's worldwide! Members from all over the world serving and continuing to make the world a better place!

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